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Whether you need new commercial roofing, a full commercial roof replacement or just basic repairs we've got commercial work covered. 

On Top Roofing Solutions can throw a full team onto long run or large commercial roofing projects or split into smaller crews to tackle something more specialised.  We've worked on highrise buildings both in the CBD and other high traffic areas, co-ordinating cranes, elevated work platforms, rope access technicians, traffic control and local council. Our safety record is impeccable (touch wood) and all our employees attend regular training sessions to help keep them out of trouble.

Some of our projects required specialised clearances - Long Bay Prison, Richmond RAAF base and Cockatoo Island for example and we're always happy to go the extra mile when compliance is a must. 

Case Studies

Sydney Uni Aquatic Centre

The 55 existing skylights at this busy pool and fitnes centre had deteriorated with time and exopsure to cholrine fumes. Travis sourced new 4.5mm high impact domes which were a mix between acrylic and polycarbonateand and measured up for new trims to hold the new domes in place. 


A scissor lift was used to lift all materials to and from the roof area and On Top Roofing staff co-ordinated works with the pool management, including staggered lane closures and best times for access. All staff carried out online safety traiing before works commenced and followed the strict WHS policies and procedures of the university.

Vuko Place, Warriewood

After a number of years of ongoing issues with this large and complex roof On Top Roofing was engaged to carry out extensive maintenance to 13 airconditionng units as well as box gutters and cappings. Custom folded trays were fitted and rubber boots were installed to many penetrations to prolong the life and maintain the integrity of the roof.


The works spanned over two weeks of painstaking metalwork often in tight crawl spaces. An elevated work platform was used for the duration of the contract to lift materails to and from the roof area.

"Burnt Orange" Restaurant

Burnt Orange is situated in a beautiful heritage listed sandstone building that once was part of the army barracks at Middle Head in Mosman. The building required new guttering and leaf guard as well as some skylights replaced and chimneys re-waterproofed.

This job site was sensitive due to the nature of the business and it's location on a heritage site, and safety standards were stringent. The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust  required On Top Roofing  to pass a thorough safety and secuirty audit before works began, and carried out regular compliance checks as works progressed.

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