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Gutters & Downpipes

Gutters are a trough system connected to the perimeter of the roof structure that directs the water from your roof into stormwater drains, water tanks or onto the garden via downpipes.


With a huge range styles and profiles, On Top Roofing installs guttering systems to satisfy both aesthetic needs and practical applications, and can be dependent on the catchment area and pitch of the roof.


Gutters full of leaves and debris are a major fire risk, can contaminate rainwater tanks and are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Gutterguard, or leafguard, helps gutters dry quickly reducing rust and prolonging the life of the gutter system. It fits discreetly onto any roof profile and can be colorcoded to match your tiles or Colorbond®.


If you want to spend less time (or money!) cleaning gutters you should consider installing guttermesh especially if your property is in a leafy area. 

Here's why....

  • mesh can be added to existing gutters.

  • guttermesh can prevent birds and rodents from building nests in the gutters.

  • Installing mesh can eliminate the need to clean your gutters frequently.

  • mesh can prevent the build-up of stagnant water in your gutters, which could otherwise back up and overflow into your home or serve as a breeding ground for insects.

  • guttermesh can improve the longevity of your gutters, since they won’t prematurely rust and rot from the moisture and debris sitting in them.

  • mesh enables more efficient rain water harvesting by improving the flow of water and filtering out some contaminants

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