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Maintenance & Repairs

Even with a perfect installation, no roof lasts forever. Wind, sun, rain, and hail will take their toll, and sooner or later your roof will have to be replaced. You can postpone that day of reckoning for many years by taking good care of your roof.


Most roof leaks occur due to problems with sarking, flashing, pointing and bedding of tiles and not with the actual roof covering coverings. In the long run, doing these occasional small repairs will cost less than waiting for extensive failure and subsequent roof replacement.

Here are some often small repairs On Top Roofing can carry out to prolong the life of your roof :

  • replacement of cracked or broken roof tiles or roof sheets

  • repointing 

  • rust removal and treatment

  • replacement of old or deteriorated flashings and rubber boots around vents and roof penetrations

  • general cleaning of masses of moss and lichen

  • gutter clean to remove build up of debris and moss in rainheads and gutters

Finding leaks in a roof is not a fluke - it takes years of experience to actually think the way that water does and this is how we think. We don't just pour silicone over the roof and hope for the best - we find the problem and fix the problem. We fix the areas that are damaged or leaking with new materials bringing the area of roof back to an as-new condition. However on the off chance that water outsmarts us we'll ALWAYS come back to have another shot - and we ALWAYS come out on top. 

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